Friday, April 8, 2011

Mother Daughter Date

I'm back in Utah for a wedding (more on that later.)
Last night, Ashley and her roommate, Sydney arranged 
for a Mother Daughter Dinner Date so that their moms could meet each other.
We have spent a lot of time with Sydney and absolutely adore her
and Ashley thinks she is "the best roommate ever" so it was so fun to finally meet her mother, Kelly.
Kimber was in town doing a little spring skiing so she joined us too, which was such a treat!
 Kelly and I have a mutual friend, Ruth Todd, so we invited Ruth and her daughter Jen, 
who is a good friend of Kimber's, to come join us for dessert.
We squished all 7 of us in a small booth at PF Changs and talked all night.
I loved meeting Kelly and knew I would love her because we all love Syd so much.
And as always, it was so good to visit with Ruth.  
It's so fun that our girls are all friends 
and now we are all friends and enjoy each other so much!

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Ashley said...

I love this!! Such a fun night. Please blog about the rest of the week so I can get the pictures? :) Love and miss you, mama. See you in a month!