Sunday, April 24, 2011

Spring Break in Monterey

We decided to stay closer to home this spring break. 
 Especially since we have been traveling so much lately, and I'm kind of tired of traveling by plane.*
(scroll to the bottom of this post to read the sadannoying, funny story 
about how I lost my new favorite coat with a darling ruffle.) 
So we suggested to Brooke that we head down the coast to Monterey. 
 She was so excited because she said that she had never been to Monterey or Carmel.  
That isn't really true, but it has been a long, long time since we have taken a family trip down there 
and she was probably so young that she doesn't remember it. 
 Apparently, neither does Ashley, so after having such a fun time in Monterey these past few days, 
we decided that we are already planning another trip back there this summer with Ashley.
First thing Monday morning, we headed over to the 17 mile drive 
with our bicycles and Brooke's running shoes.
Dad and I rode our bikes while Brooke ran 10 miles along the coast.
The view was pretty spectacular, with the beach on one side and the golf course on the other.
I love this picture of her running with the waves crashing in the background!
Brooke and Dad making the last turn back to Spanish Inn, ready for some lunch.
Dad and Brooke stopped and took a picture of the baby seals,
which, by the way, is illegal.  Oops!
After a great workout, Dad treated us to a yummy lunch at Roy's at the Spanish Inn.  
This was our view from our table.
Brooke, with her new favorite running trail, the 17 mile drive (and Mom's favorite riding trail.)
We spent the afternoon at the Monterey Bay Aquarium...
where we enjoyed the seahorse exhibit...
and saw a dragon seahorse.
The penguins were adorable!
We loved the colorful fish.
And of course, we made Brooke put her hands in the water and pick up the starfish.
We had to talk her into touching the starfish, but she is a little kid at heart and
before I knew it she was at the interactive learning center entertaining herself.
And then we caught Brooke, on her hands and knees going through the tunnel
 at the Flippers, Flukes and Fun exhibit.
After we finished at the Aquarium, Dad and Brooke did some shopping at the Cannery.
Brooke loves the 17 mile drive so much and so do I...
so we drove back there that evening to see the sunset.
And take some cute pictures of Brooke along the way.
And more cute photos!  I was wishing that I hadn't forgotten my camera.
I had to resort to using my iPhone the whole trip.  Not bad but not quite as good as my big camera.
Since we all had a great workout that day, 
we rewarded ourselves by going to Old Fisherman's Grotto on the wharf in Monterey.
Brooke had the filet and it was delicious!
She wished Tyler was there to help her finish it.
Dad ordered the crab and put on a bib so he wouldn't spill on himself.
Brooke and I walking along the wharf with the roses given to us as we left the restaurant.
Mom and Dad, on the second day of riding along the 17 mile drive with Brooke.
The ride was shorter that day because Brooke only had to run 6 miles.
Brooke and Dad along the scenic drive.
 That night we went to dinner at the Fishwife, which was incredible.
Brooke ordered the chicken pesto pasta and said it was delicious!
I took a few bites of her dish and I have to agree, it really was yummy!
I ordered the salmon and it was absolutely, hands down, 
one of the best grilled salmon I have ever tasted.
Brooke is definitely a "daddy's girl."
I don't know what she is going to do without him next year,
nor do I know what he is going to do without her.
We spent our last day doing a little shopping 
and enjoying the sights on Ocean Avenue in Carmel.
Dad was a very pleasant and patient shopper 
and joined us as we browsed from store to store.
We are so lucky that he is such a good sport, 
doesn't ever complain about shopping, 
and even picked out a few items for Brooke to try on.
He actually has quite a eye for fashion and we always enjoy his fashion commentary
and appreciate his fashion sense and advice.
After a fun morning of shopping, we had lunch at Demetris Greek Restaurant in Carmel.
The restaurant came up first on Trip Advisor with reviews like, 
"the best place to eat on the Monterey peninsula" 
and "the happiest place to eat in the world" 
and "most deserving of every accolade received." 
I think we would agree with the review that read, 
"Great food and great fun and great atmosphere!"
Just look at how fun and festive this place looks!
And everyone in the place is so happy!
 What a fabulous way to end a wonderful trip!
We can't wait to start planning our trip back there this summer with Ashley!

*My sad, annoying, funny story that I promised to share:
On my last flight home from Utah, I got caught in an extremely long security line, got stopped by TSA because I had a roll of starbursts in my bag. Apparently, it looked like a dangerous weapon. Once I got cleared at security, I had to full out sprint to my gate, E47, the furthest gate away. I'm fast, but not as fast as Brooke, so by the time I arrived at my gate, it was closed. But there was a lady at the desk checking in passengers to a flight to Denver on the other side of the gate. I begged her to check me in so I could run down the hall (I was at the discount wing of the SLC airport) to catch the plane. She looked at her watch, then looked at me (I think she sized me up as someone that was somewhat physically fit) and said, "OK! But hurry to gate 38!" I, once again, took off in an all out sprint to gate 38, which was the very last gate at the end of the wing.  I boarded the plane and was relieved that I made the flight as I found my seat, 6B, I put my cute coat up above in the overhead bin and sat down. I quickly got my Diet Pepsi out of my carryon bag, my People magazine, put on my headphones and made myself comfortable. I was ready to take a nice nap, when an older couple boarded the plane and came to my seat and questioned me about my seat.  They looked confused.  I looked confused. Then someone asked me, "Are you going to Denver?"  What?!  Denver?!  It took me a few seconds to realize that I was on the wrong plane and now for sure, I was going to miss my flight.  I grabbed my Diet Pepsi and People magazine, threw my iPod and headphones into my bag and once again started running.  The kind stewardess yelled to me, "Gate 23" as I was sprinted down the runway.  Of course, gate 23 is the furthest one away from gate 38. Seriously, I'm not making this up.  I finally made it to gate 23, which was closed, but there was someone waiting outside for me (I think the nice stewardess must have called ahead for me.)  She opened the door, I boarded the plane, sat myself down, completely exhausted and out of breath by now.  And as soon as I sat down, they closed the door and pulled away from the gate.  And right at that moment, I remembered that I had left my cute coat with the cute ruffle on the plane heading to Denver.  There was nothing that I could do but sit there and sulk.  So that is exactly what I did.  All the way home.  Once we landed, I put in a lost baggage request at Delta baggage claim but I haven't heard anything yet.  It was just such a cute coat and I got it on sale this winter at a cute little boutique on Main Street in Park City while shopping with my friend, Sue.  But I'm over it...really, I am...well, now that I have written this long post, I am really, really over it.  When Brooke and Dad picked me up and I told them my sad story, Dad was so nice and said, "Don't worry, I'll buy you another coat and it will be cuter than the one you just lost."  He reminded me that it was just a coat.  And he's right.  

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Carrie said...

Awww...Monterrey! Love!!! So glad Brooke got to enjoy! I would love to run 17 mile drive!!! I have been running lots more these days...and going to run the SF-Napa Ragnar in September. Not fast mind you;) That run looks heavenly! Old Fisherman's Grotto on the pier has the World's BEST Clam Chowder...did you try it? It's our fave!