Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Mary Ann and the little girls

Spending time with these two three little girls, is one of my favorite things to do.
 So Friday night we took my sister, Mary Ann and her two little girls, Megan and Molly 
out to dinner at Brick Oven to celebrate Mary Ann's birthday.
As soon as we checked in with the hostess, the little girls saw a large bouquet of party balloons. 
They turned to their mom and begged, "Can we have a balloon? Please! Please!"
Mary Ann, being the soft spoken one, didn't even get a chance to answer before I took matters into my own hands
 and said, "Of course you may both have a balloon!" 
Then I grabbed a couple of balloons from the lady and tied them to the girls wrists.
The girls squealed with joy and I thought to myself, 
"Wow! It's amazing that such a simple (and cheap) thing as a balloon can bring such a thrill."
Once we were seated, our waiter came up and the little girls asked if they could order a drink.
I quickly answered and told them that they could order a lemonade, homemade rootbeer or chocolate milk.
They clapped their hands with joy and once again, I thought, "Wow!  That was so easy!" 
Just watching their reaction made Ashley and me giggle and laugh.
Apparently, it's a tradition at Brick Oven for the birthday boy or girl 
to stand on their chair while the crowd sings happy birthday to them.
So when they brought out Mary Ann's birthday pie,
 the little girls insisted that their mother stand on her chair.
Mary Ann, being not only soft spoken but also reserved, replied,
 "Oh no!  I'll just sit here while they sing to me."
The little girls didn't miss a beat and in unison they said, "Then I'll stand up for you!"
And just like that, they were both standing on their chairs
 enjoying all the attention from the crowd.
Too cute!
The minute the singing ended, 
they were quickly by their mother's side to take a bite of the pie.
Watching the little girls enthusiasm and excitement 
 when the "balloon man" came over to our table 
and asked the girls what character would they like him to make
was probably the highlight of the night.
Megan asked for Naveen from Princess and the Frog.
The girls were completely mesmerized as the "balloon man"
 twisted and turned the balloons and created a masterpiece.
It really was quite amazing to watch, 
both the "balloon man" and the little girls expression 
while they watched the "balloon man" create Naveen. 
The happy little girls with Naveen.
Molly asked the "balloon man" to make her Rapunzel from Tangled.
Doesn't this guy just look like a "balloon man?!"  He was awesome!
My absolute favorite picture of this two little girls with their balloon creations!
As we walked out of the restaurant, I couldn't help but stop by the counter
 where the old fashioned lollipops are displayed.
I turned and asked the little girls if they would like a lollipop.
Once again, they squealed with excitement, jumping up and down with joy.
I think that I probably won the "Favorite Aunt Award." 
 I have some pretty stiff competition but maybe just for one night.
Me and my sister, Mary Ann.

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Kimber said...

Such a cute pic of you and Mary Ann! What a fun night!