Sunday, April 17, 2011

Kimber on

This is Kimber jumping for joy on her last day of her contract.
For the past three years, Kimber has been working as a reporter/anchor 
for News 12 Connecticut in Norwalk, Connecticut.
She has really enjoyed her job there,
 but the commute from New York City everyday has definitely been a challenge. 
 Most days she was on the road between 2-3 hours, at least, somedays longer.
She has learned a lot and grown as a reporter while working at this station.
She covered some interesting news stories such as the murder of Annie Le on the Yale campus.
She actually appeared on the CNN that morning as their "local reporter", 
which was very fun to see her on a national news station.
One of my favorite stories (and most humorous) is the story
 about the hot sauce that spilled in the middle of the road in Fairfield, CT.
She won an Emmy for that story.  It was her second Emmy.
Kimber loves reporting the news and is good at it.
Now that she has completed her contract at News 12 Connecticut,
she is working as a freelance reporter at right in NYC, closer to home.
She is enjoying the commute (only a few stops away on the subway),
likes the flexible hours, but also, she loves being back at FoxNews,
 where she first interned 7 years ago in NYC.
Then she returned to Fox, right out of college 
and worked as a writer/producer for the Tony Snow show for FoxNews in DC.
When she left FoxNews for her first "on air" anchoring job at KIFI News8 in Idaho Falls,
her boss said, "Well, we will see you back here on air in 5 years!"
That was almost exactly 5 years ago.

Here's her first travel story for

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so, so cool! Kimber is such a natural! Amazing!