Sunday, February 8, 2009

Ashley's Anti-Vday Party!

Last Friday, Ashley and her friend, Dani held their annual Anti-Vday party. It has become a fun tradition that started with Allie and her high school girlfriends years ago. It's a Valentine's day party where only girls are invited. They get all dressed up in their favorite pink, white or black outfit. A pink chocolate fountain with lots of yummy goodies to dip into the chocolate is a must. Love songs playing in the background definitely adds to the mood of the party. But the best part of the night is when they take a boy pinata and the girls write all their past boyfriends names on it, then each girl takes a turn smashing the pinata! Last year the boys retaliated by TPing the house during the party! Fortunately, those boys were out of town this year so we didn't have to pick up toilet paper at the end of the party!
The pink chocolate fountain and goodies!
The girls!
The boy pinata hanging from the balcony!
The girls getting ready to take a swing at the pinata!
Ashley, Dani and Dad up on the balcony holding the rope!
The boy pinata sadly ended up on the ground after a few of the girls had a turn slugging away!
Ashley and Dani ready to party!

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