Friday, February 13, 2009

DWFF's...Dental Wives Friends Forever!

On Monday I went down to Walnut Creek to go to lunch with Mary, Molly and Laurie and to celebrate Mary's birthday!
These are my dearest friends from our days in San Francisco when Mark was in dental school. We have been (as the teenagers would say) "besties" for over 25 years! We all lived in married student housing together while our husbands attended UCSF. I probably spent more time with them then I did with Mark and Mark probably spent more time with their husbands studying at the library and working in the dental lab during those dental school days. We have so many good memories together trying to keep ourselves busy and occupied while our husbands were gone every evening studying. I've said many times that I'd go back and relive that time of my life in an instant and I truly mean it. I think it's because Mark and I never worked so hard and had so little. We didn't have any money but neither did anyone else and no one cared at all. But we did have great friends that we could share our struggles and good times with and they truly loved and cared about us. After all these years we still love and care about each other and enjoy getting together, even though it's not nearly as much as we would like. It is good to have lifelong friends that every time you see them, whether its been 2 weeks or 2 years, you pick up just where you left off. My Dental Wives friends are those kind of friends forever!

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Erica said...

It's so great that you girls have kept in touch over the years!

We'll still hope to see you guys in March! Let us know when Brooke's invitational is. Go Brooke! :)