Saturday, February 21, 2009

Happy "SKI" Birthday!!

So Dad bought these fabulous skis for Brooke right after Christmas. She loved them so much and claimed that they were magic skis! Brooke was so excited about her skis that Dad got excited and he bought me the same pair of skis. I told Dad that I didn't need a new pair of skis but he insisted that I would love them and said "Plus it's your "Ski" Birthday!" Which made us girls laugh! Apparently, everyone has a "Ski" Birthday once a year and celebrates by getting a new ski item from Dad...pretty cool! Then Dad found the skis at a store in Sacramento on sale so he bought a pair for Allie. I guess it was Allie's "Ski" Birthday too! Thanks Dad! Your the best!!

Brooke, Allie and Mom celebrating their "Ski" Birthdays with their new skis!

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Kimber said...

Dad is out of control!! I think he just wants to make sure he has powder buddies! I'm excited to ski with you this weekend!