Sunday, February 22, 2009

Seussical the Musical!!

Ashley did a great job as one of the "Bird Girls" in Seussical the Musical this weekend! It was a darling show! Ashley's costume was the BEST! Big feathers, a bright pink dress and long hot pink eyelashes! We went both nights and it was a lot of fun! So many of Ashley's sweet friends came to support her! And the cousins came too! After the performance on Saturday, we went with a group of her friends to BJ's to celebrate and eat Pizookie's...YUM!
Ashley showing off her feathers and darling bird costume!
Dad and Ashley!
Mom and Ashley!
Brooke thinks Ashley's costume is awesome!
Ashley's friends, Carlie and Andrew came to see her play!
The Bird girls performing during the play!


Brad & Cindi Pearce Family said...

Deb, Thanks for commenting on my blog! You were the first and only. But you were my inspiration. Lisa told me about yours forever ago and I have been following trying to get up the nerve to start one. So thanks!!! You're family is so fun. I really love your kids, tell Kimber we will be in New York again for the open, we had so much fun seeing them last year!

Kimber said...

Lalalalalalala-love that costume! You look fabulous!! I wish I could see it!!

Heather said...

That costume is so cute. I wish I could see Ashley in action she has such a beautiful voice.