Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Vintage Update!

Glen, our foreman, has been very busy! It was amazing to see how much they have done on our place at Vintage! Allie was there last week and reported that there was a big hole in the kitchen/garage wall, the stove was in the middle of the kitchen, and there was white dust everywhere. It was a mess! As Allie drove us from the airport to our place, she kept saying, "You just wait until you see it! You are going to die!" As we opened up the garage door, Allie was waiting for our reaction. She was sure that we were going to be shocked at what we saw. Instead, she was the one who was surprised! The sheetrock was up and covered up the hole between the kitchen and garage. Most of the cabinets and stove were back in place and the stove was even working along with the microwave and warming tray. They had cleaned up all the dust off the countertops and floor and it looked pretty darn good! Allie was stunned! She kept walking around looking at the kitchen and saying, "I can't believe how much they got done and good it looks." Thank you, Glen! Below are some pictures so you can see what they have done! The wall that the car went through and where there was a hole last week between the kitchen and the garage. The stove is back in place and even works!

They have taken the front of cabinets in the island off because they are replacing them.

This cabinet was in the middle of the kitchen but is back in place and the microwave and warming oven are working!
One of the big chunks out of granite in the island. They think they can fix it and make it look like new! I hope so because I love that granite (it's my favorite!!) and really don't want to pick out new granite!

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