Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Ashley at YASE!

Singing and dancing is what Ashley loves to do and she got to do a lot of that when she attended the Young Ambassors Singing Entertainer workshop for 2 weeks! She looks forward every summer to her time at the camp, even though it's a lot of hard work. Basically, they spend the entire week getting ready to put on an incredible show on Friday night. Since this will be her last year to attend YASE, she tried to savor every moment and make the most of the experience! Her solo sounded beautiful and her dancing was amazing! So many of her friends and family came to watch her at both performancs. She is lucky to have such an gorgeous voice and we all love to hear her sing!
Ashley singing her solo, "Shine the Light."
Dad flew in to see Ashley perform the second week. He didn't want to miss the party!

Molly and Megan came with their mom to watch Ashley's performance!

Cousin Tara and Ashley

Ashley singing and dancing in "Super-cala-frag-i-listic-expi-ali-docious!"

Allie and Tyler with Ashley.

Aunt Susan and her family came the first week to see Ashley perfom.

Thanks to everyone for being so supportive!


Brad & Cindi Pearce Family said...

I felt so bad I missed Ashley's performance. I was, of course, not ready to go to Lake Powell the next morning, but Tara said it was Awesome!!!! Sometime I will get to see you in a show. Let us know if you have any coming up!

Kimber said...

Ooooohhh I wish I could have been there! I bet you were amazing!!!!!