Monday, July 6, 2009

Stadium of Fire and the JONAS BROTHERS!

We celebrated the 4th by attending 2 family reunions, a Whiting family reunion in Mapleton and then over to Oranee's for a swim party with the Holt/Abbott families. That night, we headed over to the Stadium of Fire, which was awesome! The girls especially enjoyed the Jonas Brothers concert! I really wasn't a big Jo Bro fan before, but now that I've been to 2 of their concerts in the past 3 weeks and listened to their music nonstop on the drive from California to Utah, I found myself jumping during the concert and singing and dancing with the girls. I know, it's kind of embarrassing, but true!
The girls, just before the concert begins, waiting with great anticipation!

Dad and Tyler, not expressing quite as much enthusiasm as the girls and actually a little embarrassed to be at a Jonas Bros. concert, but determined to make the best of the situation:)! After a trip to the snack bar, they were having a good time!
Glen Beck was the MC that night and did a great job!

Allie and Mom

SheDaisy was the opening act. Awesome!

And finally The Jonas Brothers take the stage!

The girls, laughing, singing and dancing to the music!

Singing Love Bug, one of my personal favorites!

At one point during the concert, Tyler stood up and rocked out with his sisters!
Okay...this was staged but he was a good sport!

The kids pause for a moment to take a picture!

The girls are all smiles as the concert comes to an end. They all agree that it was AWESOME!

At the end of the program, they retired the huge flag that they had used for years at the Stadium of Fire. It was an emotional and patriotic scene!

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