Sunday, July 12, 2009

Olson Family Reunion

When I was a kid, we would spend every summer camping up Fairview canyon, where my dad grew up. I have many wonderful memories of bonfires at Flat Canyon, hiking near the old saw mill, taking drives along Skyline Drive, visiting the Fairview museum, and the gravesites of my grandmother and grandfather. These are some of my favorite memories that I have enjoyed with my father. I love hearing the stories that he tells about growing up as a cowboy in Fairview.

We had a wonderful time with the Olson cousins revisiting the sites of Fairview and listening to Grandpa's stories. We stayed at the Skyline Lodge, where we swam and played with the kids at the park. Then Grandpa gave us a tour of Fairview, which all enjoyed. And we had a bonfire up at Flat Canyon. It was so fun!

One of our favorite things about the reunion was playing with all of our little cousins. They are adorable! It was so fun to watch them play together. Adorable!

Brooke catching Megan in the pool.

Joshua diving off the board.

Brooke and Molly at the pool.

Erica, Hunter, Molly, Alex and Kyle waiting for dinner.

My Grandpa Olson was the mayor of Fairview.

My dad in front of the plaque at the museum with all the Fairview mayors.

The kids with Grandpa at the museum.

Grandma and Grandpa Olson in front of my dad's parents headstone at the Fairview cemetary.

Allie swinging Molly in the swing back at the lodge.

Molly playing on the bars.

Dad with Zachary and his horse.

Tyler taking Molly on a walk to see the old saw mill.

Grandma and Grandpa near the old saw mill near Electric Lake.

Tyler and Erica. So cute!

Allie and Brooke pose for a picture with the cutest little cousins ever!
Molly. Adorable.
Megan. Precious.

Megan and Erica made their own see-saw.

Alex. Love that girl!

The girls at Flat Canyon.

Megan roasting a marshmellow.

Erica and Molly giving Grandpa Olson hugs.
Joshua kept busy all night gathering wood for the fire.

Grandpa and Joshua putting out the fire.
Mom and Dad enjoying the beautiful scenery.

Erica, Greta and Molly got ahold of the binoculars and went exploring.

Still exploring. So cute!

Greta with the binoculars.
I enjoyed watching Zachary eat a marshmellow, especially because I'm not his mom and don't have to clean him up! What a mess!
So adorable!

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Kimber said...

Looks like a fun reunion! I'm sad I missed it! Hopefully we'll make it next time!