Sunday, July 12, 2009

Holt Family Reunion

The Holt Family Reunion was held in Park City and the activies included the alpine slides and rollercoaster at Park City Mountain Resort, swimming at the hotel pool, BBQ and game day at the park. A good time was had by all!

After completing her workout for the day and running 6 miles, Brooke is ready to compete in the first game of the day, shooting her cousins with the marshmellow gun!
Dad demonstrating how to use a marshmellow gun!
Brooke stealing the flag.
Allie chasing someone down with the marshmellow gun.
Dad stealing the flag. That's right! The Holt's play to win!
Allie and Maddie edge out Uncle Bruce and Aubrey. Way to go, Allie & Maddie!
And it's a close race between Tanner and Allie!
After giving it their all, Tanner and Allie both bif it!
Emmie is ready to compete in the grandkids from ages 12 and under catagory!
Weston competing in the balloon toss competition.
The Holt girl cousins taking a break from the games.

Daniel and Lori's Wedding

On Friday, we all headed to the Mt. Timpanogos Temple for Daniel and cousin Lori's wedding. Lori looked beautiful and the couple looked so happy and in love. It was a wonderful day!
Daniel and Lori cutting the cake.
The girl cousins at the wedding reception.
The Holt boy cousins enjoy spending time together.

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Brad & Cindi Pearce Family said...

Wow, what a trip! I can't believe how much you did in that little time! Looks like so much fun! Tara will be at Ashley's performance tommorow and the rest of us will come if we can finish helping my mom and dad get ready for Lake Powell! It was great to see you all!