Monday, July 27, 2009

Waterskiing at Folsom Lake

It was over 100 degrees today in Sacramento and even this Arizonan thinks that is HOT! So what do you do on a hot summer night in Granite Bay?
...head to the lake and waterski!
So that's exactly what we did with Brooke and her friends.
There is nothing better than eating pizza on the lake, and wakeboarding and tubing until dusk on a hot summer night.

Brooke, the flag girl!

The kids are all smiles before they started tubing behind the boat!
The ride started out pretty calm and everyone seems to be having fun!
But then things quickly changed when dad turned up the speed! The kids seem to be enjoying the ride. Particularly Brooke...look at her face!
The innocent looking boat driver!
Brooke is concentrating on jumping the wake!

Brooke clearing the wake for the first time!

Brooke is excited to clear the wake because she knows that means that she gets a treat at AM/PM!
Brooke clearing the wake again!

Annie got right up on the wakeboard!

Sean was amazing and got right up too!
Dad makes boat driving look so easy!

Annie and Brooke

Brooke, doing a great job of holding the flag!


Kimber said...

Brookers!!! I love your glasses! So hot!! Love you girl!!!

Allie said...

Aww this made me miss the lake so much! Looks like Dad owned the kids on the tube. Good work. "He just doesn't understand kids... I said go SLOW!!!!"

david said...

Count me in next time. I'll be home soon. Deb - I'm calling you tomorrow.