Sunday, July 12, 2009

A Birthday in Park City

Turning another year older at my age is never fun! But Mark and the kids made it a lot less painful by planning a fun day doing some of my favorite things that I love to do in Park City!

We started the day by taking the gondola at The Canyons up to Red Pine lodge and ate lunch at the outdoor cafe. Eating at Red Pine lodge is one of my favorite things to do on a cold ski day. They have the best chili and fries on the hill. Eating outdoors during the summer is fun with the gorgeous views and the scent of the mountain air.

Mark and Deb

The kids posing for a picture.

Then we took a chairlift up the hill and enjoyed a nice little hike (the key word here is little!) It was gorgeous in the mountains and the views of the valley were spectacular!
Dad and Tyler enjoying the view on the chairlift.
Allie and Brooke

Ashley and Mom

Tyler and Brooke leading the way as we walk through a grove of aspens.
Allie and her walking stick. I'm not sure she could have done the hike without it!

Now that Allie has her walking stick, she and Ashley quickly catch up to Tyler and Brooke.

Brooke and Tyler stop for a photo in the meadow.

Some of the beautiful wildflowers that we passed on the way.
Back at Red Pine Lodge and ready to take the gondola back down the mountain.
After attending 4 Family Reunions and a wedding in last 7 days, the kids decided that for my birthday they would give me a "Family Reunion Recovery" gift, which included all of my favorite things, such as, See's chocolates, diet pepsi, bubble bath, peanut M&Ms, Dots, Goldfish, magazines, and suntan lotion. So after our little hike, we headed to the pool to relax, soak up some sun and use the cute inner tube that all the goodies that came with my "Recovery" gift.

That night we celebrated by taking the kids to Grappa's, which is my absolute favorite restaurant in Park City. Mark and I always take our friends from California to Grappa's when they come out here to ski. Because it's kind of pricey, we have never taken the kids there but always talk about how incredible it is. The kids will kind of give us a hard time, just joking, but will say, "We wouldn't know how good that place is because we have never been there." So when Dad asked what I wanted for my birthday, I said all I wanted was to use a gift certificate that a friend gave to Mark (thank you, Ann Marie!) and take the kids to Grappa's for dinner. The kids were excited and they all agreed that Grappa's was incredibly delicious and it was now their favorite restaurant too! It was a wonderful way to spend the day celebrating with Mark and the kids.
My favorite Grape Salad!
Dad and Mom
Tyler and Dad
My favorite dish, the Horseradish Encrusted Salmon..YUM!
We ate outside on the patio. It was gorgeous!
Brooke, Allie and Ashley all agreed that Grappa's was "the BEST!"
The dessert. That's right...we can't forget dessert!
Posing outside of Grappa's at the end of a wonderful day!

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Kimber said...

Happy happy birthday madre!!! Looks like you had a fabulous day!!!!