Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Birthday Bash at Fat's!

To celebrate Brooke's 16th Birthday, she invited her friends to Fat's restaurant for dinner. Yum! Afterwards they came to the house and roasted marshmellows in the firepit and made s'mores. Then they all went to a Mormon Center dance. Since most...actually all of the girls aren't members, this was a new and different experience for them. Brooke was a little nervous and wasn't sure what they would think of the dance but they all had a blast and loved it!
Brooke, looking way too old and cute!

Brooke and her friends outside Fat's restaurant!

Devin, Maddie and Brooke at dinner.

The girls eating their lettuce wraps at FAT's!

Brooke blowing out her candles. Ashley and Kenzie went a little crazy with the candles! It looked like a small fire. And then mom had trouble with her camera! There was wax all over the cake! Fortunately, the cake still tasted delicious!

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Erica said...

Happy Birthday, Brooke! This post is making me feel old!!! You are so grown-up and pretty!