Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The Last Days of Summer

Since school is starting 2 weeks early this year, the girls are trying to spend as much time as possible out on the lake before summer ends! Here are some pictures from our day at the lake with Ashley, Brooke and their friends!

Enjoying the bright sunshine!

Brooke shows her BYU spirit and fashion sense by coordinating her BYU sweatshirt with her bathingsuit!

Looking for smooth water!
Jumping the wake!
Getting ready to teach the girls a thing or two about wakeboarding!

Dad shows us his serious wakeboarding skills!
Not bad for a guy who will be turning 50 this year!
Brooke smiling! Does she not realize that she has funny tan lines from her workout clothes and her back looks even more ridiculous than the front! Ahhhh! The sacrifices that you make to be a great runner!

Dad gets such a kick out of making these kids scream! And I get such a kick out of taking pictures of them! I mean, just look at Ash and Brooke's faces! And the funny thing is that they enjoy it so much that after each time that they get thrown off the tube, they climb right back on and ask for more!

Ashley, falling off the tube! But then she makes an incredible recovery...
and makes her way back on the tube!
If you look very closely, you can see that Brooke's toe nail polish
matches her life vest! That Brooke always looking stylish!
Brooke looks like she is about to cry! Ha! Ha!
Ashley and her friends want to take another spin on the tube!
It sounded like such a good idea...
Then Dad turns up the speed and Bree is holding on for dear life!
There goes Brie!

Brittany and Ashley are confused, "Where did Brie go?!"

Enjoy the next series of pictures as Brooke gets thrown off the tube!
She's hanging on with one hand!
There goes Brooke!
She actually did a flip midair and lands in the water.

Then Brie falls off the other side of the tube and...
Brittany is triumphant, the last one on board the tube!

With school starting next week and the lake getting low, I guess summer is coming to a close and it will soon be time to put the boat away for another season! The MasterCraft is getting old and has served us faithfully for 17 years! Dad has been talking about selling it in a couple of years, once Brooke leaves for college. It's like part of the family now, and I can't bear thinking about ever getting rid of it. So many good memories with that boat!
One of my favorite memories is, at the end of every great ski day, Dad would always holler, "Everyone hold on tightly and I'll show you what the MasterCraft is famous for!" and the kids would cuddle up and hold onto anything and everything in sight. Dad would floor it, spinning our MasterCraft in circles around the lake and the kids would squeel with delight all the way back to the dock!
Ahhhh! I love summer. I love living by a lake. And I love our MasterCraft, even if it is old!

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