Saturday, August 22, 2009

Napa Wine Train

Dad and I spent a couple of days in Napa this past weekend and enjoyed dinner on the famous Napa Wine Train. Mark's staff gave us a gift certificate for the Wine Train a couple of years ago and we finally found a free weekend to get down to Napa and use it. The train is a great way to see the beautiful wine country. The vineyards that cover the valleys and rolling hills are incredibly gorgeous, especially at dusk. Dad and I boarding the train.

Even though we were on the Wine Train...notice the beverages at our table? I assure you, (much to the shagrin of our waiter) it was strickly Diet Coke and water for the two of us:)!


Gregory said...

Thank you for spending your time with us at the Napa Valley Wine Train.

Greg McManus
Napa Valley Wine Train

Kimber said...

Looks like a fun time! Glad to see only diet coke and water at your table!