Monday, August 10, 2009

Senior Sunrise & First Day of School Pic

The 1st Day of School went really well for Brooke and Ashley even though their school started 2 weeks early this year! Ugh! It feels like the middle of summer! Some of the highlights of the day include:

*Ashley waking up at 4 am so that she could be at the high school to set up for Senior Sunrise! So glad she signed up for student government this semester!

*Mom coming to the high school at 5:45 am to "help" at Senior Sunrise! (The text that Ashley got late Sunday night stated that they were "desperate!" and needed more parent volunteers!)

*Ashley watching the gorgeous sunrise with all of her friends at Senior Sunrise!

*Mom wearing "the perfect outfit" for Senior Sunrise! (How does she do it?! And NO! she didn't go out and buy the sweatshirt. She just happened to have it in her closet!)

*Brooke running before school because she doesn't have 1st period! Yeah! Now she can run before and after school. What a lucky little girl!

*Mom and Catherine McNaughton and baby Lucy trying to "sneak" into the 1st day of school pep rally!

*Mom and Catherine and baby Lucy getting "caught" and being asked to leave campus! Are you kidding me?! I know...kind of embarrassing and kind of cool at the same time! I think the baby was a dead give away and the huge camera bag!

*Mom, Catherine and baby Lucy missing the "most awesome" 1st day of school pep rally where Ashley was the MC and the Seniors won the class dance!

*After the rally, Brooke and Ashley make sure they take the all important and traditional "1st Day of School" picture for Mom! Thanks girls!

*Ashley joining Mom, Catherine and baby Lucy for lunch after the pep rally (since Ashley has 4th period off) where Ashley shares all the juicy details about the rally which cheers her mom up and makes her laugh!

*And Brooke...still running...for the second time that day!
All in all, it was a memorable 1st Day of School!

Craig and Ashley share a moment before the sun rises!

Ashley and Mom displaying the "perfect" Senior Sunrise sweatshirt!

Mom and Ashley with the gorgeous sunrise in the background!

Spence and Ashley

Ashley and her friends at Senior Sunrise.

Ashley and Matt before the Senior dance!

Craig and Ashley, the MCs at the rally!

Ashley and Brooke posing after the rally for their 1st Day of School picture! Ashley is wearing one of the many costume changes that she made during the rally, which was a huge hit! I think the headband really put it over the top!


Erica said...

Wow - so many fun traditions! In all honestly, I look at the Holt Family Blog as major inspiration to get me through the next 10 or 15 years of parenthood. The baby years can be a little exhausting, and I'm sure the teen years are too, but you guys make it look like so much fun it's crazy! Thank you so much for giving me hope! Someday our family will be like yours!

Erica said...

Not that the baby years aren't fun, because they definitely are!