Sunday, August 9, 2009

Dr. Holt's Skate Party

Last night we attended Dr. Holt's Annual Skate party at SkateTown. Each year dad throws a party at the end of the summer for all of his patients, their families and friends at SkateTown. He has been doing this for about 15 years and it has become a very popular event with over 500 people in attendance last night. It's pretty funny to see that many patients all at once! All of the kids are so cute and excited to see Dr. Holt skate around the rink. As Allie described it, "I've never seen so many kids with braces all at one time, skating and waving and yelling, "Hi! Dr. Holt!" like he is some sort of celebrity!" Ha! Ha! My own kids get such a kick out of it:)!

Dad, Dr. Annelo and the staff greeting the patients at SkateTown.

Dad, mom and Brooke at the Skate party!

My darling friend and one of my YW, Michelle, came with her sisters.

Dad and Brooke making a couple turns around the skating rink together!

Dad is just a little happy that he hasn't fallen...yet!
The gals at the front desk, ready to hand out free pencils to the patients.

Besties!! So cute!

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