Sunday, January 16, 2011

Celebrating Allie & Dad's Birthdays!

Birthdays are kind of a big deal at our house.
 So when we get to celebrate two birthdays at the same time, 
together in Park City, during MLK holiday 
and it involves lots of's a really BIG deal!
The birthday boy and girl!
My flash didn't got off so I missed the picture of the two birthday kids blowing out the candles, 
so I asked them to reenact the scene and this is what I got.
Fortunately, for Ashley she didn't get her acting skills from her dad:)!
The birthday girl and her cute boy!
This is what happens when Brooke gets ahold of the crayons...and yes, she is 17!
Dinner at Cisero's on Main Street is the perfect way to celebrate a birthday!
Allie and Justin outside of Cisero's on Main Street.
Back at home, Allie opened her presents.
As tradition goes, Allie always receives a few zebra themed gifts,
which are usually random zebra items that I have collected through out the year.
Who knew that they made zebra duck tape?!
Sonya and I found these PJ's/thermals/(??? zebra clothing item)
 in a cute little gift shop in Oklahoma
and I saved them for Allie's birthday.
Allie wasn't quite sure what item of clothing it was 
but we all got the giggles with just the sight of these "one size fits all" zebra item.
Allie in her zebra "one size fits all" present, strikes her favorite zebra pose!
This one is for you, Anise!

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Kirstin said...

Happy birthday to all! I have a zebra lover here, too, and we have a jungle theme at camp this year(I am the camp leader) and we are...zebras! I might need to find out where you found zebra duct tape!