Friday, January 7, 2011

Two Happy Husbands

This is the story of two old friends, Mark and Brad, who spent the day skiing at Sugar Bowl, one of their favorite ski resorts. 
 It was a gorgeous day, with warm temperatures, clear blue skies and the snow was perfect for plenty of off piste skiing.  
They were a happy pair and shared their pictures via their Iphones 
while  Karen and I stayed home to "get some things done."
Actually, right at the moment they sent us these pictures,
 we were visiting and catching up from our Christmas vacations since we haven't had a chance to walk this week.  
Both of our phones kept going off and interrupting our really important conversation, 
but we were both pleased that our husbands were so happy...
and both missing us, at least that is what the text said that accompanied this photo:).

Brad and his boys, Mark and David.
These 2 cute boys joined Brad and Mark on their ski day,
giving them a few pointers and tips,
and keeping them humble, I'm sure.

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v a n e s s a said...

i see my happy husband in there, too!