Saturday, January 22, 2011

Officially retired from the Eureka School Board!

*This post is chronologically out of order.  I wrote it last month but I was waiting for the cute picture taken of me, Brooke and Mark to add to the post but it turned out blurry and the post got lost with all the Christmas, New Years, and skiing posts.  I just stumbled upon it and decided to post it even though it is late and minus the sweet picture of Brooke and Dad!

After 8 years, my time time on the Eureka Union School district has come to an end.
Last Tuesday night was my very last meeting.
They held a very nice reception before the meeting
to honor the retiring board members, Lori Dangberg and myself
and to welcome the two new board members.
Several of my favorite teachers, principals, administrators, past board members and dear friends
were so kind and came to celebrate with me.
Dr. McCarty presented me with a "Resolution" from our Assemblyman, Roger Neillo,
and asked Brooke to read the entire document in front of the entire crowd.
It was very long but Brooke did a very fine job
 and looked adorable standing in the spotlight!
The past board members, Russ Nash and Dan Clift spoke,
along with the ESF president, Renee Nash, and Phil Johnson,
who said such nice things. I'm not sure if any of it was true
 but it was very sweet and kind of them to say and it made me feel good.
We were given flowers and gifts from the children at the board meeting
 and more nice things were said about us.
The new board members were sworn in and Lori and I got up and gave them their seats.
Grabbed our flowers and gifts and took a seat on the back row.
We stayed for a few minutes and then tried to sneak out the back door.
Actually, we caused quite a scene because the door was locked (it never is locked)
so we had to traipse past all the principals, who gave us a hard time
and then we waved to the board as we walked happily out the door.
Not going to lie, it felt like a big weight had been lifted off my shoulders.
I've learned a lot while serving, and enjoyed the relaionships that I have had
with those that I have seved with.
But it has been one of the hardest things I have ever done.
I'm grateful to have had the opportunity but I'm ready to close that chapter of my life
and have a little more time to do some of the things on my list of
"Things that I want to Do once I'm done with School Board."
Seriously, I do have a list and it's long:)!
And yes, learn how to use my nice camera is first on my list!

Some of my favorite teachers, Nancy Roszkowski and Abby Burke
 with my dear friend and former board member, Donna Garton.
EUSD board member, Lori Dangber, Jerri Davis, and myself,
with former board members, Russ Nash and Dan Clift.
We were quite a team, as we served together for almost 6 years.
Dr. Tim McCarty, our superintedent and the board that I served with for the past two years
(minus Ryan Jones, who has taken a leave of absence, while serving our country in Iraq.)

I'm so sorry that I didn't get any pictures with my dear friend and walking partner, Karen Wilkes,
who was so kind and came to support me that night
 and looked adorable in her pink coat. 
She has been extremely supportive as she has listened to me
discuss school board issues on our early morning walks. 
She has heard it all and never complained, always encouraging me in such a positive way.

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