Sunday, January 23, 2011

Mrs. Ethington's Dance Show

This is my darling friend, Deborah Ethington, 
or Mrs. Ethington, as the kids at John Barrett Middle School call her.
Deborah is one of the most talented and dedicated teachers that I know.
Her energy and enthusiasm is simply contagious 
and her love and dedication to teaching is evident as you watch her interact with her students. 
 Plus, there is nobody that loves to sing and dance quite like Deborah.
That is why Ms. Ethington's performing arts classes are some of the most popular on campus.
Last Friday night, Mark and I attended Mrs. Ethington's dance show
 and were thoroughly entertained by her students as they sang and danced the night away.
Deb & Deb, friends for almost 20 years!
By the end of the night, I considered going back to Jr. High...
it would be worth going back to that awkward, uncomfortable stage of life,
 if I could take one of Mrs. Ethington's classes and get a daily dose of Deb's fun personality
 and experience a little bit of her passion and love of life.
Now that I'm done with School Board and have all this extra time,
 maybe I could be Mrs. Ethington's aide:)!!

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