Sunday, December 18, 2011

BYU Basketball!

It was a full house at the Marriott Center to watch BYU play Baylor on Saturday.
We were lucky and scored some sweet tickets.  It was awesome!
The student section was rowdy and the kids came ready to cheer their Cougars on to victory!
 Some enthusiastic fans held up some pretty clever signs, which read
"Welcome to the Marriott.
 Ainge built. Jimmer remodeled it."
We thought it was very clever and quite enjoyed it.
Upon closer observation, we realized that it was our good friend 
and favorite former missionary, Trent Boulter.
Yes!  He is the one holding up the Ainge sign, wearing the white headband. 
He was hands down one of the most enthusiastic missionaries in our ward,
and now he is definitely one of the most enthusiastic Cougar fans!
 While getting snacks during halftime, we ran into our friends from home, Greg and Pat Smith.
They are also dear friends of Elder and Sister Wilkes
 so we chatted about how much we missed our favorite missionary couple! 
My favorite snack was the blue popcorn!  Yum!
 During a timeout at the end of the game takes a timeout to try 
and make a plan to score in the last few seconds. 
Unfortunately, it didn't quite go the Cougars way today. 
It was a tough loss but the Cougars played great against the #5 ranked team.
Here we are with Cosmo and some of our very favorite Cougars!

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