Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Christmas Shopping in San Francisco!

I've said it before, but I'll say it again, 
there is nothing better than being in San Francisco on a warm, clear day in December!
It really makes me so happy!  
And that is exactly what it was like in the city a couple of weeks ago!
I truly love that city and really love it when the Christmas tree is up, 
the store windows are decorated, the weather is gorgeous,
and I'm with family or friends who love it as much as I do!
That's why when some of the gals from Granite Bay asked me to join them 
on a Christmas shopping adventure in the city, I was excited to get in on the fun. 
  Every year Suzanne Butcher organizes the SF trip for over 40 ladies in Granite Bay.
Most of us have know each other for almost 20 years now.  
We have either been room moms together, met while working on the Auction 
or our children were on the same sports team or attended school together. 
In past years, I have had kids to take care of or school board meetings to attend
so I've never been able to go.
But now that I'm "footloose and fancy free" I was able to join in on the fun,
starting a new tradition with my GB friends and that made me happy!
We chatted the entire way on the bus ride to the city.
We took advantage of the 25% Friends and Family discount at Macy's at Union Square, 
ate lunch at Scala's Bistro near Saks Fifth Avenue,
and did some more Christmas shopping before heading home on the bus that evening.  
It was fun and festive and felt like Christmas!
Union Square~Christmas 2011