Sunday, December 25, 2011

It's a Christmas Miracle!

 As many of you know, Dad loves the moose at Canyons.  I mean, he really LOVES the moose. 
 Most of all, he loves looking through his spotting scope for the moose.
Remember this post?!  It's one of my favorites!
So, right after church today, as soon as he changed from his church clothes,
he started staring through his scope, looking for a moose.
Now, those of you that know Mark, know that he takes his looking for the moose, very seriously!
While the rest of us ate Christmas cookies and candy, Dad spent the afternoon leaning over, 
peering through his scope, patiently waiting and watching, hoping for a glance at a moose.
And just when the rest of us had given up hope, the moose appeared and Dad spotted him through his scope!
"It's a Christmas Miracle", Dad exclaimed!!
It was truly a Christmas miracle, for not just one moose was spotted but two!
Dad was so happy!  So happy that when asked to share your favorite Christmas memory 
at the dinner table tonight at Grandma's, 
Dad whipped out the camera with pictures and video for the whole family to see.
I think the little cousins were really impressed...

And I'm sure you will be impressed too, that's why I included this video.  Enjoy!
Gotta love that Dad and his Christmas Miracle moose!

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