Thursday, December 29, 2011

Opening presents on Christmas Night

Brooke and Ashley were very patient about opening their Christmas presents
 and waited until Allie and Justin could join us on Christmas night.
Brooke, our crafty one, was happy to find a Michael's GC in her stocking.
And Dad was happy to find a BYU football PEZ candy dispenser in his stocking. 
Allie was so happy that Santa gave her the Anthro kitchen towels that she had been wishing for.
Santa gave Ashley a camera to take to Jerusalem.
Justin found a BYU PEZ dispenser in his stocking too.
Brooke got a vintage candle to decorate her room.
Justin and Allie love the gift bag with the Christmas zebra ribbon!
Dad loved his gift bag with the snow...
 that's probably the most snow he has seen all week:(!!
Mom and Ash gave Brooke a bear themed gift, with a bear apron, bear glass and bear cookie cutter.
"The Bear" loved it, of course!

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