Thursday, December 29, 2011

Canyons Owner's Party

 This year's Canyons Owner's Party was once again, a huge success, 
with a Hollywood theme, lots of delicious food 
and a live band that provided great entertainment throughout the night.
 The little girls are ready to have some fun!
 Ash and Brooke love trying all the different hor dourves at each food station.
 Allie and Justin loved the mashed potatoes that they served in a martini glass with all the toppings,
just like a potato bar.  It was a hit with all the kids!
 After downing the mashed potatoes in a martini glass, 
Justin found the dessert table and came back with a wide variety of cakes and cookies!  Yum!
 And it looks like Dad found the dessert table too!
Last year, Allie had to leave the party early to go to work and we were all sad that she missed out on the fun.
The girls are so happy that Allie didn't have to work this year and was able to stay and party all night.
 Allie and Justin are ready to get their pictures taken in the photo booth.
 Brooke liked the pictures from the photo booth.
 The pictures from the photo booth. 
Dad found a moose!
That is, he found a picture of a moose!
He loves the moose, can't you tell?!!
 At the end of the night, waiting for our car, sitting on the bench under the heat lamps, keeping warm!  
Comfy, cozy and happy! 

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