Friday, January 20, 2012

10 Luxurious Things to Do in Park City!

It has always amazed me how Kimber can squeeze so much into her day.  
Even on vacation in Park City, she was working on a story for
and we had the pleasure of watching her put it all together.
And we got to pose and be her ski models in some of the shots...
or at least our hands got to be in the photos:)!
Take a look at her live interview today on
She is becoming a regular doing the live interviews.
(Sorry about it starting out with kind of sad news with the death of R&B singer, Etta James. 
 I honestly have never heard of her but my condolences to her family.)
Here are some of the photos that Kimber took that day for the slideshow for her story.
Just a casual shot of Kimber, drinking her hot cocoa out on the deck at Look Out Restaurant at Canyons.
The menu and incredible fondue at LookOut Restaurant.
Yes!  That is Brooke holding the menu!
The Wild Game Mixed Grill Skewers were incredible!
Dad loved the Pleasant Creek Ranch Beef Shortrib and Winter Vegetable Ragout
and this is a cameo of my lovely nails in this shot!
Thanks, Van at Lily's Nails!
Brooke's favorite was the potatoes and the fondue!
It was pretty amazing!
And here is Dad with another one of his favorite dishes, 
the Utah Goat Cheese Dumpling and Garden Vegetable Napoleon.
The chef suggested adding chicken with this dish and I would highly recommend it!
And this is my personal favorite, the hot cocoa.  It was divine!
Definitely better than the free hot chocolate we get at the lodge:)!
And finally, here is Kimber taking a little break and enjoying a delicious meal on the slopes!
Kimber also has a blog, 
where she share her great tips if you are planning a trip to the city
 or living in NYC, things to do and see in the Big Apple.
Today is the last day to enter her giveaway.
Enter and you could win a pair of these darling shoes!
You won't want to miss it!