Tuesday, January 31, 2012

I joined a gym... what?!!

One of the harsh realities of sending Brooke off to college and becoming an empty nester
 was the fact that Dad no longer had a workout partner. 
 Brooke, his constant and enthusiastic companion at the gym... was gone 
and he immediately went into recruit mode
 with me being the obvious recruitee... obvious being the key word! 
At first I was reluctant, I mean, as many of you know, I really don't enjoy working out.
 The whole changing out of my regular clothes into workout clothes, driving down to the gym, 
hanging out with other sweaty people, fighting for a piece of workout machinery
 and then working up a sweat, just isn't my idea of fun! 
Especially during this whole time that I was working out, 
I could be getting something else done at home, checking something else off my "To Do" list! 
 But I haven't been walking lately since Karen, my walking partner is in Africa
 and now with all the kids gone, I've had a little extra time in my day
 to get all those "Things to Do" done, so I decided to give it a try.
 Of course, Dad had to bribe me a little. He promised that if I went to the gym with him,
 he would  take me to dinner at Costa Vida after we workout. 
 Not a bad deal... so for a couple of weeks I joined him as his "guest" 
still not ready to completely commit until one night...
I ran into our adorable friend, Lindsy Ethington, who I haven't seen in ages, at the gym!
 We talked and chatted and caught up on every thing she has been up to lately.
 It was so fun and wonderful, and I felt so rejuvenated and full of energy! 
 I was beginning to believe that there might be something with this workout thing. 
Then last night, Lindsy's mother, Deborah, who is also a member of the gym,
 meet up with Mark and I for Family Home Evening at the gym. 
(That's right, kids!  That's how we do FHE with just Mom and Dad at home!)
 Deb and I giggled, and talked, and laughed, and oh yeah,... we worked out a little too.
 After enjoying a yummy dinner and I guzzled down my diet coke at Costa Vida,
 I was convinced that "going to the gym with Mark" should be added to my "Things to Do" list! 
 So sign me up for the 2 year membership! A gym rat, I will be!


v a n e s s a said...

way to go deb! i have a workout video that i have yet to unwrap from its packaging. it's on my to-do list...

Jenna said...

amazing! I love that you did FHE at the gym! It's kind of fun being a gym rat! It's quite social! I love spending time with my friends there too! You are too awesome!

Allie said...

I would join too if it meant I got to see Deborah and Lindsy! :)