Friday, January 13, 2012

Catching up with the college kids at BYU

One of my favorite things to do when I'm staying in Provo 
(besides visiting the BYU bookstore and buying fudge)
 is visiting with my GB friends that are attending the Y. 
 One day we met up with Clay Wilkes and his friend, McKenna, for lunch at the MOA.
 We had a wonderful time catching up with him
 and hearing about his adventures from his recent trip to Africa to visit his parents,
Brad and Karen Wilkes, who are serving a mission in Rwanda.
Brooke treated us to lunch using her dining plus card. Thanks Brooke!
McKenna and Brooke are both on the BYU cross country and track team 
so it was such a fun lunch chatting and catching up with these cute kids.
I really appreciated the fact that Brooke and Clay color coordinated their outfits that day for me.
It's the little things that really matter:)!
These are my adorable former GB3 ward Young Women who are now attending BYU!
On Wednesday morning, I sent around a text inviting them to dinner at Brick Oven that night.
It was last minute because I wasn't sure what my schedule would be 
with watching the little girls and taking care of Mary Ann.
But Mary Ann felt good that day and I had promised that I'd take Megan and Molly to Brick Oven
 because it is their favorite pizza place.
I invited all the girls from our old ward to join us because I love catching up with them.
Even though it was totally last minute, all of them were able to make it that night,
Carlie McKeon, Brooke and Anne Barton, Katie McGregor, Kelsey McGregor Perry,
 Carissa Mills*, Brooke Holt, and Allie Holt Larkin.
We had a back room all to ourselves and had so much fun catching up!
Two of them are in grad school, one is applying to law school, one is getting married, another just got married,
 one will be graduating in April, another in December, and a couple are just starting their college adventure!
It was so wonderful to see them all grown up, making good decisions, excelling in school and achieving great things!
I have to admit, as I was telling them all good bye and how much I loved them 
and how proud I was of them at the end of the night, I almost lost it and got a bit teary eyed.
I just remember being their YW leader at church when they were young
and I remember telling them to believe in themselves.  Anything is possible.  
That they can achieve anything that they really want if they work hard and put their mind to it.
And years later, to look around that table and see those beautiful young ladies, so posed, confident and classy, 
listening to them talk to each other about what is going on in their lives, was truly inspiring!
It was one of those moments that warms your heart,
grateful to have the opportunity to be surrounded by special young women in my life!

*Not pictured above is Carissa Mills.  For the record, she was there but I couldn't find my camera at first so we took picture with my Iphone but it made all of us look like we had vampire eyes... scary!  After she left, I found my camera at the bottom of my purse and we took the picture above.  I would have posted the Iphone photo with all of us which included Carissa but the girls may not have joined me for dinner ever again!  Yes!  It was that scary!


v a n e s s a said...

cute faces!

kels said...

That was so much fun! Thanks again for dinner and the excellent company :) xox