Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Allie's Zebra Birthday Party

 After I picked the little girls up from school last Friday,
we headed straight for Zurcher's to pick out the decorations for Allie's birthday party.
As soon as we walked into the store, 
we passed a table all decked out with zebra theme paper products.
The girls squealed with delight and insisted that these decorations were perfect
because "Allison LOVES zebras!"
They are right.   Allie does love zebras. 
Little did they know I had been purchasing random zebra items for months,
 saving them to give to her on her birthday.
I have been doing this for the past couple of years.  It never gets old, at least not for me.
Allie is a good sport and seems to enjoy adding zebra items to her collection.
This year she received a zebra glue gun, zebra scissors, zebra compact, 
 zebra back scratcher (Justin's favorite), zebra cup, zebra manicure set and a zebra print Iphone cover.
You can never have too many zebra items, right?!
 It seems like zebra print is everywhere you look right now, especially at the party store. 
We found zebra stuff on every aisle that we just had to buy!
So a zebra birthday party theme it would be!
 The first surprise of the day!
Justin invited us over for yummy french toast bake that he made for Allie.
She didn't know we were coming so the girls hid behind the kitchen cabinets
and jumped out and yelled surprise!
 That Justin is such a good cook. The french toast bake was delicious!
 And it looked so festive and yummy on the pretty party plates
 that they got as a shower gift from my dear friend, Katie Segale!
 The girls once again surprised Allie as she came to the door that night,
wearing these zebra masks and huge smiles.
They insisted that Allie wear the heart headband all night!
 Megan made the cake the night before with a little help from Brooke
and they decorated it together!  It turned out pretty cute!
 They set the zebra party table and made party bags!
 They sang "Happy Birthday!" to Allie.
 And helped her blow out her candles.
 Molly was an expert with the zebra tissue paper and knew just how to fluff it to make it look pretty!
 Molly was particularly proud of this zebra bag 
because she had so carefully put the tissue paper inside 
then added a big bow in the front.
 One of the favorite zebra item is this zebra cup and Justin scored and got an OU cup too!
I'm so glad that I was able to spend Allie's birthday with her
and glad that she puts up with all this crazy zebra stuff!
I'm not sure who had more fun... me, the little girls or Allie!
Happy Birthday Allie!  We love you and love that you love zebras!!


Kimber said...

Wow! Looks like a party! So fun! Happy birthday Allie!!!

deb said...


i think the ultimate zebra themed gift would be the white KIA suv that has the zebra stripes on the side...everytime i see one i think of allie:)

happy belated birthday to allie!

Brad & Cindi Pearce Family said...

Happy Birthday Allie! Looks so fun and I hope Maryann is doing ok! I agree with everything you said about her in your earlier post and how sweet she is, except the part about you not being like her. You are just like her, 2 of the sweetest people I know!