Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Chuck E Cheese

Did I tell you that these two little gals love pizza?! I mean they LOVE pizza! 
 And what could be better than pizza and Chuck E. Cheese?!
 So I did what any aunt does that is trying to become "the favorite aunt" does,
 take the girls to Chuck E. Cheese, on a weeknight no less! 
It was worth every penny to see the excitement on the girls faces
 as I handed them their bucket of tokens.
 For 2 hours they ran around like crazy kids on a sugar pizza token high and for a moment...
 maybe a few moments, I couldn't locate those two crazy kids. 
 Don't worry, I stayed calm and found them in the booth 
where Chuck E. was sketching a portrait of the two of them for their mom. 
They actually turned out absolutely adorable (see photo below.) 
 Chuck E. Cheese hasn't changed a bit since when my kids were little. 
 The pizza is still pretty lame but the kids loved it!  They messed up our order
 and brought us another large pizza so we had plenty to bring home, which made the girls so happy!
 The girls combined their tokens in order to win as many tickets as possible.
 Apparently the "Wonder Wheel" alotted the most tickets of all the games
so the girls spent most of the evening at the wheel.
I would hand them 10 tokens at a time
and a few minutes later they would return with big smiles and a handful of tickets.
 And just when the girls had used up their last tokens,
 a little girl came up with a whole bucket of tokens and gave them to Megan and Molly! Score!
 I thought Molly was going to have a heart attack because she was SO excited! 
 She couldn't stop talking about the "nice girl who gave them all her tokens" the rest of the night 
and even mention it in her prayers and thanked the little girl for "sharing her tokens" with them. 
 So we had extra tokens, extra pizza, it was an extra fun night 
and best of all the girls came home extra tired, 
which made me extra happy because they fell asleep extra early:)!
The girls returning from the "Wonder Wheel" with a handful of tickets.
They liked this monster truck and I loved how Megan made Molly drive.
More tickets from the "Wonder Wheel!"
It took a team effort to knock down these scary monsters that popped up.
Tyler loved this game when he was a kid but I think they were gophers
 and you bopped them on the head with a hammer.
It's harder than you think!
These are the cute portraits that Chuck E. sketched of Megan and Molly.
Aren't they absolutely adorable!
Best bargain of the night!  It only cost 1 token!
If you are going to Chuck E. Cheese, I would say this is the best money you will spend all night.
Better than any of the other tacky prizes that you can buy with all of your tickets!
It was a fun night.  The girls were happy!  Mary Ann loved the portraits
and the extra rest that she got while the girls were at Chuck E. Cheese!  
And I loved watching the little girls devour the pizza, run around and spend their tokens, 
and then sweetly share their tickets as they carefully and thoughtfully 
spent them on tacky toys, penny candy and tattoos.
Chuck E. Cheese is still the place "Where a Kid can be a Kid!"
and the place where, "an Aunt can be the favorite Aunt"... at least for one night:)!

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Heather said...

When we took the girls this week they were talking about their trip to Chuck E Cheese and all of the tickets they had.