Tuesday, January 17, 2012


This is me and Dad yesterday on the Tombstone chairlift!  
Yes, it was snowing... kind of... but not enough and it was absolutely freeeeezzzzzing!!!
Every single part of my body was frozen!  I was seriously afraid that I was going to get frostbite!
Even the hot chocolate at the lodge was only lukewarm!  Boo!
Dad felt so bad that he said that I could download
 (which means take the gondola down the hill instead of ski down) 
and he wouldn't even tell anyone. What a nice husband!  
But I was tough and skied down Doc's Run as fast as I could.
Needless to say, Dad was proud, especially when we got home 
and checked the thermometer and it read 15 degrees!
This is Brooke and me a couple of days earlier, enjoying a beautiful sunny day on the slopes.
And yes, Ashley... that is your coat that Brooke is wearing.
This is what happens when you leave during ski season and live in a foreign country.
Miss you, Ashley and I miss having snow this winter!
But not to worry... Dad asked for snow for his birthday
and guess what?  
It's going to snow... I think for real this time!!
Happy Birthday, Dad!

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v a n e s s a said...

oh man, i've had ski days like that. so cold! i'm not a trooper anymore. i am a lodge bunny on frostbite days. no shame in that! hope it's snowing for you now, portland is even getting some!