Sunday, January 15, 2012

Lucky Socks

Bowling at the Wilkinson Center at BYU has always been a favorite family activity. 
 Years ago, when Brooke was about Megan and Molly's age, Mary Ann took her bowling one afternoon. 
 When they went to rent the bowling shoes, 
Mary Ann realized that Brooke she didn't have any socks on because she was wearing sandals.
 Everyone knows that you have to have socks when you go bowling, 
but because it was summer, I didn't even think of that and sent her without a pair of socks.
 So Mary Ann took her upstairs to the BYU bookstore and let her pick out some BYU socks 
with a big "Y" and a Cougar embroidered on each side. 
 Brooke was absolutely thrilled with the new socks 
and fell even more in love with the socks when she bowled a great game! 
 Mary Ann reported that with the bumpers up, Brooke bowled a near perfect record, 
hitting almost all strikes and spares in both games. 
 Brooke decided that it was her "lucky socks" that made the difference
 and for a while she thought that bowling was going to be her sport! 
 Everywhere she went, she had to wear her "lucky socks"
 especially if she was going to compete in any competition. 
 She loved her "lucky socks" and told everyone about how her Aunt Mary Ann bought them for her.
So it was only fitting that before we went bowling last Saturday,
that we visit the BYU bookstore first and let Molly and Megan pick out some "lucky socks" of their own.
Brooke and Allie joined us and we had a fun time bowling.
I'm not sure which was more exciting, picking out their "lucky socks"or bowling with Allie! 
But both were fun activities and kept Megan and Molly entertained before Brooke's race that afternoon.
Megan getting her game face on and ready to roll her ball.
After rolling a spare, Megan gets a arm bump from Molly, congratulating her!
Allie is a little excited about her "blowout," which means all the pins are down but one.
Molly needed a little help keeping the ball in the middle of the lane
so Megan grabbed one of these bowling slides to help her.
And that made Molly very happy!
What a nice big sister!
Bowling buddies!
Allie with her bowling buddies!
I can't believe that I didn't get a good picture of the girls "lucky socks!"
But here is a shot of their lucky shoes!
And I was very lucky to have Allie there that day, 
who was such a good sport and bowled with the girls since I was suffering from a bad cold.
Thanks Allie!  Remind me that I owe you a pair of "lucky socks" of your own!

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