Thursday, January 26, 2012

Jimmer & the Kings!

Wow! How I miss the Kings from the the 2001-2003 seasons!
 I miss watching Vlade Divac, Mike Bibby, and Chris Webber on the basketball floor! 
 I miss hearing them announce "Pe-Ja Sto-ja-ko-vic!!!" when Peja scored a basket! 
And I really miss seeing the hometown favorite, Bobby Jackson, "the 6th man" 
light up Arco arena every time he stepped out on the court!
 I miss seeing the team doing the little dance before the game, 
interlocking the arms, leaning back and forth to the music, trying to get their gameface on! 
 It was a magical time in the King's history and I miss it! 
 So when the King's drafted Jimmer, we couldn't be more excited!  And so were all of the other King's fans. 
We all believed that Jimmer was going to bring some of his magic to Sacramento!
 Tickets sells went up! Attendance was up! We even beat the Lakers in one of the first games of the season! 
 We couldn't wait to go to a game to see Jimmer and hopefully see the King's win!
 But it was not to be. By the time we could go to a King's game, they were already on the downslide. 
 Last night, the King's played terrible, the attendance was awful, even the garlic fries were cold and stale!
 But Jimmer saved the night and was the high scorer with 19 points! 
 Halfway through the 3rd quarter, when it was getting really ugly and we were getting beat by about 30 points, 
all the sudden Jimmer made a 3 point shot and as it swished through the basket, only touching the net, 
I turned to the boys and reminded them that
 "this is why we are here tonight, to watch the Jimmer! and that makes it all worth it!"
 I think I might have to tell myself that all season!
The other highlight of the night, besides watching Jimmer,
was going to the game with our favorite Jimmer fans, Dave and Mary Pettey!
The other nice thing about a blowout game is that Mary and I could just talk all night long 
and not even worry about watching the game.
It was great to catch up with her!
Although, a King's win would have been nice, chatting all night with Mary was nice too!
Dr. Pettey sporting his Jimmer jersey!
Two of the cutest Jimmer fans that I know!  Don't you agree?!!

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v a n e s s a said...

such good news for the kings, really glad they are still in sacramento and that they got jimmer! when the kings came up to play portland there was a jimmer meet up party with a bunch of members here.