Monday, January 2, 2012

Favorite ski pics from Christmas Break

We had a wonderful Christmas Break, despite the low snow levels. 
There was plenty of fun and frolics on the slopes!
The cutest ski couple award goes to Mr. & Mrs. Larkin!
Brooke wore her "Y" neck gator, part of her official team gear.
We were all jealous and wish we had one too!
There were lots of group hugs on the slopes!
Our fearless leader, biggest cheerleader and best skier on the mountain!
His ski enthusiasm is unparalleled and unsurpassed by none.
According to Dad, everyday is "the best ski day ever!"
There wasn't a lot of snow but there was no shortage of free hot chocolate!
The Besties spent lots of quality time together 
since the happy couple's favorite third wheel is leaving for a semester abroad!
Dad liked the ice sculpture and after a good day of skiing, 
he decided to take a break and sit on the cool bench.
And Allie took a break after enjoying a yummy lunch at Lookout Cabin restaurant 
and took in the beautiful view from the balcony.
This is a very tired Bear, who skied every day and ran 60 miles each week.
Brookie Bear was either skiing, eating or sleeping all vacation!
  A bear's gotta sleep when and wherever a bear's gotta sleep...
even it is in the lodge!
Allie is so happy that Justin took a break from studying for the MCAT to meet her on the slopes!
And this is our adorable Ash Bash on her last ski day of the season.
She leaves tomorrow morning for Jerusalem 
and we are going to miss her lots, on and off the ski slopes!
We will miss her funny stories, awesome dance moves,
 her contagious giggle and loud adorable laugh!
But we are very excited for her 
and know that she will have an unforgettable experience in Jerusalem. 
We can't wait to read about all her adventures here
Anah-nu Ohavim Ot-ha*, Ashley!
*which means we love you in Hebrew.  

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v a n e s s a said...

oh my gosh! i didn't even think about the possibility of you guys being in utah over christmas like we were! we even stopped at the park city outlets!!! oh man, so close! oh well, i guess you'll just have to take a trip to portland and visit us! looks like you had a good time skiing, it was a dry year indeed.